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This amazing hand-crafted wall art is really going to spice up your life and let folks know what needs sayin’… with style! Want to win?? Scroll down to enter our Bitchy Stitches Giveaway!

wake the baby and i'll cut youTruer words have never been spoken and they certainly haven’t been stitched! I need this at both doors to my house and to hand dangling from the face of my other children… man, I wish they could read. Silly me,  here we are with the holiday season upon us and I know that some of you haven’t the slightest idea what you are doing when it comes to finding the perfect gifts.  Luckily I have something of a horrible sense of humor and an eye for cool, inappropriate shit that makes great gifts. I don’t embroider because I have no patience, very little talent and I ran out of time like 3 kids ago. Sometimes giving the gift of love isn’t enough… sometimes you need an embroidered “fuck you” to really get your point across. Dude, time was taken and great care was put into this curse-word so that people will know that you really mean it! Because that’s what’s important! This totally awesome shop called Bitchy Stitches runs the gamut of inappropriate wall art and home décor. There is no better conversation piece than a cross-stitched octopus waving “fuck you” to welcome you into your home. Honestly, you know you need this shit!

Bitchy Stitches is run by a foul-mouthed single momma of 2 great kids from Michigan. She’s pretty gangster for creating this kick ass décor and has some killer designs that are guaranteed to compliment the crayon covered walls and milk stained rug. (Is that just at my house?) You can custom order from her on her Etsy or Facebook Fan Page, where there are some pretty amazing designs displayed for sale already. I have to admit, I’m kind of smitten with these and every single fucker on my Christmas List is getting one!

Now here is the cool part – Bitchy Stitches and I have partnered to


giveaway one of their most popular designs, just in time to lift your spirits for the Holidays! This kick-ass 6 inch, and-made “Fuck you, Fuck face” embroidered medallion is going to certainly brighten your mood this holiday season, so make sure to enter to win bimg_6736elow. Also, visit us on Instagram @halfassedhousewife and @itstuccibitch! Don’t forget to check out my Out-Of-The-Box Holiday Gift Guide for more designs by Bitchy Stitches and other great retailers offering unique gifts for those close to you this season!
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  1. I recently discovered her amazing stitch art. I now have one of my own hanging on my wall. A hot air balloon hanging over some mountains with a few clouds and the words “high as f*ck”
    I saw it and couldn’t resist.

  2. Ha! I don’t know. I’d have to wait and see what pearls of vitriol come out of my mouth the next time someone pisses me off. “‘STFU is how I say ‘I love you'” or something, maybe.

  3. We live on the Northwest Coast, at the beach. I would love to have the ocean scene with “Fu*& You” on it in my entryway 🙂 It would be perfect and totally us to have that for guests to see when they arrive.

  4. I have a feeling I’m going to like this blog, how did I miss it. Something I say a lot is Shut Your Face but the Don’t wake the baby sign is brilliant.

  5. My husband and I have been secretly stalking and making mental wishlist of ALL the ones we want. We want something really vulgar for our bedroom because our Moms would die if they ever saw it. Love you Taylor! You’re amazing!!!

  6. I love everything in the shop! When I was really young,like,way too young to be using these words,I got so pissed at my brother for something he did and I screamed, “fuck you,you fucking fuck!” I will never forget the look on his face.I would so love to get that quote on something for him.He would laugh his ass off!

  7. The fuck face one made me laugh cause there is a guy I work with and that’s his name for anyone and anything LOL I would want that for him!

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