5 Favorite Educational Channels for Toddlers

I will preface this post by making it clear that my children get screen time. Sometimes they get a shit-ton of screen time depending upon what it is that I need to get done without the background screaming, tugging, wall coloring etc. Having said that, I don’t rely on the devices as a babysitter and I make sure that what the monsters are watching is appropriate, educational and not annying. My daughter just turned two. She is proficient in her colors and has been picking up shapes lately. She has been “counting” (and I use that term loosely) from 1 to 9 (in no particular order) for several months.

I have compiled a list of our favorites to share with you and hope that you have as much fun singing silly songs as we do.

1. SUPER SIMPLE LEARNING I totally dig this channel as well as their sister channel SUPER SIMPLE SONGS.
Madeline knows many of the songs and the corresponding dances and movements. The content is exactly what it says it is: Super Simple without any fluff and distraction. Plus it’s a lot less annoying than some of the channels which is why I gave it the number one spot! I personally love the Turn & Learn series of letter and numbers because this has become a big focus for us since the girlie turned 2.

2. Busy Beavers TVThis channel has over 2 million subscribers, so they must know what they’re doing. Pretty sure watching their color song videos is how the Princess picked up all her colors so quickly. I totally enjoy seeing her enjoy this channel, but this is one I let her do on her own. The songs are very repetitive which is great for teaching young minds, I just can’t hack it. The tunes are so catchy they’ll stick with you all day long.

3. Little Baby Bum

This is really popular channel that does great animations to all the popular kids songs and rhymes. I prefer my classic nursery rhymes straight out of the Mother Goose book, but this has a fresh feel to it and the tunes are catchy. Madeline has been relentless in her renditions of The Wheels on the Bus, which there are many versions on this channel, so now our life is complete.

4. Chu Chu TV

To be perfectly honest, this channel should be number one because it contains all the Johnny Johnny No Papa story songs. Watching these songs has caused Madeline to go from calling Daddy to Papa, which I think is freaking HILARIOUS and worth so much more than a number 4 spot. I should move them up. Semantics aside, this is another really popular channel that we watch for the stories. Another bonus with this channel is that it has videos in Spanish and Portuguese.

5. Cassidy & Ruby Kids Reviews

Gosh, filling the #5 spot is far more difficult than filling the #1 spot. So, this is a fairly new channel, and I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it is an educational channel, but my daughter adores these kids. I hope you weren’t assuming that we only watched educational videos, because after some scrolling and tapping we go where the links lead us. These are currently Madeline’s favorite girls and their toys reviews are super genuine. I appreciate their sincerity and they are also way cute. What’s not to love?


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