Transitioning Your Toddler into a Big Bed

Transitioning your toddler to a big bed - nectar mattress

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Tips to Transition your toddler to a big bed

Lately, we have been asking about the right time to begin transitioning your toddler to a big bed. Both the youngest kiddos were occupying cribs converted into toddler beds until there was a wild, Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed incident and we had no choice but to upgrade to a sturdier set-up for their beds.

We made some wise investments in mattresses and furniture and now the kids rooms are timeless, their mattress will last, literally forever, and we won’t have to worry about rearranging rooms and furniture for years to come.

Nectar Sleep Memory Foam Mattress
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Picking a Mattress

Madeline, our middle kidiot and only girl, recently mastered night-time without having any potty accidents. That was our cue to invest in turning her nursery room into the big-girl room she was ready for. We decided that one of the best additions to a big-girl room is a big-girl bed and we chose a NECTAR Sleep Mattress for Madeline. Memory foam is great because nobody can bounce into the ceiling fan (which is an issue I had to consider because of kids) and the NECTAR Sleep Mattress has a FOREVER warranty




We selected NECTAR Memory Foam Mattress because she can literally take it college with her. The warranty that is offered on all NECTAR mattresses is unbeatable

The Forever Warranty™ will replace your mattress if it breaks, compresses beyond 1.5″ or tears from normal use. And Forever means forever. 

Having a removable and washable cover is another big consideration we made. You can easily upzip the cover and toss it in the washer with your whites. We also put a full waterproof cover on it, again, because of kids. 

Set up was a breeze, it puffed right up in about a minute. There is no “weird smell” that sometimes comes with memory foam and NECTAR is shipping each mattress with TWO PILLOWS right now – BONUS!  Madeline helped and was really proud of her new bed.

NECTAR is a quality made memory foam mattress that is literally built to last you a lifetime. It is also the most comfortable mattresses on the market. It offers really great support and has a cooling gel layer making for a restful sleep.

Now, we have the mattress.

Picking a “Theme”

Or Color Scheme

I asked Madeline what color she wanted her room to be at the beginning of our re-vamp. Her answer was unwavering; “purple.”  And not the soft, calming lavender purple that I could probably have learned to live with over time. No, she wanted Trolls-level, vivid-90’s Lisa Frank purple and she wanted it everywhere. There was a compromise made and we painted her bed purple. We are leaving the walls white no matter what. We got this bed and added some purple paint to make the little one happy.

Transitioning your toddler to big bed - nectar


Transitioning your toddler to a big bed - nectar mattress

Sticking with the theme Purple, I didn’t want to overdo it, so I let Madeline chose her bedding that matched, but had some other colors to “de-purple” the room. She chose ponies and we picked up this Bed-In-a-Bag.

We kept the dresser and shelves, because, in true forward-thinking fashion, they’re white. They will always match anything theme.  Unlike this bed, which we will probably be repainting in a year when she decides on a new favorite color. Oh well, we like projects.

Transitioning to a big girl room

Pick some Accents

DIY little girls room

I created these two, cute wall accents with picture frames.  Ribbon and glue gun is all it took to keep hairbows out of the way and add some fun to the walls.

I used Burlap ribbon and hot-glued it around a frame, tied a giant bow and made an “M” (for Madeline). It took me 10 minutes. I should make a video.

Be Safe

Miss Madeline doesn’t have an issue with rolling out of bed, so we didn’t’ need to get a bed rail, but that isn’t the case with all kids. Madeline also gets up during the night to go potty and she isn’t always fully awake. Having something to obstruct her exits might be more dangerous than helpful.

Having a Big Kid room has helped our toddlers stay in their own rooms through the night. This is a welcome event for us tired parents. It’s also less of a fight to get the kids to make their bed when you tell them they have to take care of their new room, they are excited to do it!

A big bed can be a big transition, so be patient. Sleep well, little one.

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